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Player Technology?
WorshipMusic.com provides Worship Music Radio through a custom online application called the the WorshipMusic.com Player. This player requires the installation of the Macromedia Flash Player.

What Software Do I Need installed to support the WorshipMusic.com Player? If you do not have Macromedia Flash Player, click here to select your version and download one for free. Macromedia Flash Player is available for most computer operating systems. Be sure to select and specify your specific computer's operating system when downloading this software.
Get Macromedia Flash Player

Why doesn't the Worship Music Radio Player launch when I click on the link? If you already have Macromedia Flash Player, and you are clicking on the player link to launch it, and Worship Music Radio still isn't working, you may need to adjust security on your computer.  Worship Music Radio player launches as a window from your standard web browser.  This allows it to fit and configure itself to work properly on your computer, in your environment.  To allow the player to work, you must allow it to launch the browser window as a "pop up" window.  This is enabled through a technology in your web browser called Javascript.   If you are experiencing difficulties with simply launching Worship Music Radio, be sure to configure your web browser security, your addition internet security programs (like Norton or MacAfee applications), and your computer internet security to allow for pop-up windows, at least for Worship Music Radio. Often, these security tools will allow you can configure certain website to have permissions to launch pop-up windows (such as this player), but still restrict other uses of pop-ups, which you may have configured.  Sometimes, users have security set to simply disallow use aof Java or Javascript at all.  This must be changed to allow use of Javascript.  Finally, Be sure your internet security allows for installation of the Macromedia Flash player if you have not had it installed yet.  If you are unfamiliar with internet usage on your computer, see your system administrator for help, or look for additional help from your computer manufacturer.

I am on dialup modem speed connect or the Player runs, but it stops alot during the play of a song?
Because your connection speed is slow, you can sometimes experience problems operating in a streaming audio environment.  To compensate for this, you can set the player to buffer a large amount of the songs, allowing you to listen to it seemlessly.  Here are some instructions for doing that.

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